Maintenance Hand Washing Services

We offer our Exclusive Eco Friendly Hand Wash to any customer looking to get their cars cleaned and spruced up.
Wash includes: Using our Waterless Wash solution we Prep Clean Exterior, Clean Rims and Dress Tires, Clean Door Jams, Thorough Vacuum and Wipe down with a Quick Interior Spray, Crystal Clear Windows and a Final Wipe to the exterior for a gloss enhancement.

Starting at $50/sedans

Waterless Car Wash

Headlight Restoration

Headlights overtime collect oxidation, add to that UV rays contribute to make them yellow and foggy. You dont need to buy new ones, RESTORE them! We remove all oxidation, polish to clear them again and your choice between Lens Coating or Film Protection with 1yr warranty.

Starting at $100

Headlight Restoration

Engine Detailing

Looking to get your engine cleaned and pristine like brand new again?

Prices Starting at $75.

Before and After

DIY Car Care

Time to Shine as a leader of the industry, we provide different car care products that we use in our daily basis. Ask how you can get our washing solution and save hundreds of precious water and money. Each wash will cost you avg of $1.50

Kits Starting at $60

Dent Repair

If you suffer a incident and got a dent on your vehicle.
DingDoctor is the company we use for all of our dent referrals.

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Windshield Repair

When a stone hits your windshield and get a crack on it, lets us fix it before spreading. If you need a Replacement we can help too, and maybe your insurance got you covered!

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Xpel Paint Protection Film

If you are looking for the Ultimate Paint protection for your vehicle, wrap it with the most advance clear protection available for your vehicle. Minimum texture to have a full paint reflection, Self healing and strong to most harsh environment hazards, lifetime warranty and more.

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Boat, RV, Planes Detailing

At Time to Shine we not only specialize on Auto reconditioning, we also offer bigger services for the big toys you might have.

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Premium Exterior Detail   –   $250

Eco Friendly Wash
Using our exclusive washing solution we prep wash the vehicle to remove all dirt, grime or anything over the paint surface.

Paint Decontamination
Environment fallout and contamination collects overtime into the paint. We deeply remove it for a smooth as glass surface finish.

Long Step Polish
We go thru a long step polish for High Shine and Enhance Color Depth. Some minor defects on the paint can be also diminish from this step.

Premium Sealant
A Premium Polymer Paint Sealant for long lasting protection up to 6mo and a nice wet look.

Interior Vacuum and Wipe down
A meticulous vacuum process to remove any lose debri, dirt, dust and wipe down all applicable surfaces with a quick interior detailer.

Cleaned Door Jams & Crystal Clear Windows

Cquartz UK Ceramic Protection  –   $550

Premium Exterior Detail
Following the same steps from our Premium Exterior Detail we polish to a high gloss, color depth and wet look.(Excludes sealant as this package comes with Cquartz UK)

Paint Prep
An intense paint cleaner designed to dissolve oil particles and remove polish residue to prepare the paintwork for Cquartz Coating.

CQuartz UK Ceramic Coating
Compared with Sealants and Waxes, CQUARTZ is an evolution in paint coatings. Unleash the amazing protection and retain a super high gloss clear coat finish for longer

Interior Vacuum and Wipe down
A meticulous vacuum process to remove any lose debris, dirt, dust and wipe down all applicable surfaces with a quick interior detailer.

Crystal Clear Windowstal Clear Windows

Standard Interior Detail   –   $150

Thorough Vacuum and Dust Removal
A meticulous vacuum process to remove any lose debri, dirt and dust.

Quick Cleaning
We make sure every surface of the interior gets cleaned, shampoo floor mats and carpet. Seats gets shampoo along with all vinyl and plastics.

UV Protect
Using NON-Greasy or Oily dressing, our UV protection will provide a soft to the touch feeling with a nice rich look. (Leather seats Reconditioned)

Cleaned Door Jams & Crystal Clear Windows